Arsenal Smart Camera Assistant Review – UPDATED 2019

Artificial Intelligence is entering everything. It has already made its way into our TVs, our cars and our phones. With the Arsenal Smart Camera Assistant, it comes to the camera. It is a camera accessory that uses a set of algorithms to make decisions about the best camera settings for the perfect shot. Using a deep neural network, it compares the shot to thousands of great pictures and fine-tunes the settings depending on up to 18 factors.

The camera accessory is designed to automate shooting functions like focus stacking, timelapses, long exposures and automatic HDR. It allows you to control the camera right from your smartphone and tweak the settings if desired. It works with a number of popular camera models from different brands and gives you the capability of reviewing and sharing your best photos to Facebook, Instagram or Snap right from your phone.

In this post, we review the Arsenal Smart Camera Assistant in detail and consider all its features, benefits and limitations to help you make an informed decision.

Arsenal Smart Camera Assistant Review – UPDATED 2019

A device introduced to help photographers automatically get the right camera settings for the perfect shot, Arsenal Smart Camera Assistant works by using AI to consider environmental factors, including vibrations on your camera and chooses the ideal settings for a shot. Automatic adjustment of the settings includes consideration of the type of lens and its capabilities.

The device is designed to be light weight, small and easy to use. It mounts on the camera hot shoe and connects using a USB cable that comes included. It works on rechargeable batteries and a power cable comes with the package.

Key Features

Arsenal Camera Assistant works across eight main areas and more, to help with your photography needs:

►Automated Focus Stacking

►Automated Photo Stacking

►Time Lapses

►Manually set the Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed

►Wireless Control up to 100 feet

►Camera Adjustments with AI

►Photo Sharing

►Live Preview

Arsenal Assistant AI

One of the best features of this accessory is its ability to adjust the camera settings on the basis of thousands of photos. The AI suggests the best settings for the scene based on the subject and environment. It uses algorithms comparable to ones used in self driving cars to choose the optimal settings for any scene. Using an advanced neural network it can detect environments and subjects and compare them with thousands of professionally taken photos. One example of this could be if there is a fast moving animal in the shot, then the AI will account for this movement and optimize the settings, such as using a faster shutter speed.

Sharper Photos

The smart assistant can choose the optimal settings depending on the camera and lens used, taking into account any weaknesses your specific gear may have. This also features an accelerometer which will take into account any vibrations in your camera and choose the best shutter speed to avoid any blur, for the sharpest photo possible.

Arsenal Focus Stacking

Focus stacking is a feature that ensures the whole scene is sharp and in focus. This device works by calculating the maximum number of exposures for the shot, takes them from varying focus positions and then combines them into a crystal-clear photo.

Arsenal Advanced Photo Stacking

This device automates photo stacking techniques to help you shoot photos in HDR. It allows you to take a number of exposures in seconds and bring them together into a JPG or RAW file on the camera, eliminating the need for post-production.

Such automation is really helpful for landscape and real estate photographers as it enables taking HDR shots without post-processing.

Arsenal TimeLapse

Another excellent feature of this device is its ability to take timelapse footage and automatically control the optimum camera settings with the changing light.

Wireless Control

Arsenal allows controlling your camera wirelessly with your phone using Bluetooth from up to a distance of 100 feet. Using the mobile app, you can wirelessly set the shutter speed, ISO and aperture, see a live preview and trigger the shutter right from your smartphone.

Photo Sharing

A key feature of the Arsenal Smart Camera Assistant is the ability to review photos and share them directly on social media like Snap, Facebook and Instagram from your phone.

Some of the App Functions

Setting up the device is simple. You just need a compatible camera and the Arsenal Remote app on your phone. The accessory can be mounted on the hot shoe of the camera and the controller cable can be connected to the camera. Next, you connect the Arsenal Assistant to the phone app.

Here are some of the functions of the Arsenal app:

►Comparision of the current shot with thousands of existing images using a neural network

►Compatible with IOS 10.0+ and Android 6+ smartphones

►Consideration of up to 18 factors to optimize settings

►Avoidance of settings that produce weaker-quality images on the camera and lens

►Use of image recognition to determine subject-specific requirements

►Offer safe ranges for different settings depending on the constraints particular to the situation

►Ability to tweak the settings manually

The mobile phone application is used for communication with the device hardware and allows wireless transfer of photos and videos. It connects to most popular DSLR and mirrorless camera models.

What’s Included in the Package?

The Arsenal Smart Camera Assistant currently comes with:

►Arsenal hardware device

►USB charging cable

►USB cable for connection to the camera

►USB wall adapter

Some things to consider

No Waterproofing

Arsenal isn’t waterproof, and hasn’t been tested for water resistance, although the manufacturers claim it’s been used in a wet environment and seems to work well.

Battery Life

The battery life depends on the conditions you use it in, the camera you use and how Arsenal is used. But typically you should expect around 4 to 5 hours with normal use. If you plan on using it for over this amount of time then you should consider buying a micro USB compatible battery pack which can charge the device while using it, although you would have to buy the battery pack elsewhere.

Bottom Line

Arsenal Smart Camera Assistant has created a lot of buzz. It is an intelligent camera accessory that makes AI based decisions for the optimal camera settings for perfect shots, saving you a lot of time and effort. It uses a neural network to fetch the optimal settings for a scene.

Like a reliable assistant, Arsenal lets you control your shot so that you can capture the perfect moment and don’t have to spend time on post-production. It is compatible with most camera brands and models and is easy to set up and use. Beginners as well as professional photographers would definitely appreciate the automation and AI features to make their photography better.

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