Black and White Fine Art Architectural Photography

Browse through our architecture black and white stock photography, all free under Creative Commons 0 to use for any commercial or personal projects you wish.

Black and white fine art architectural photography encompasses photos of buildings in a city, town or village, skyscrapers, bridges and artistic structures including eiffel tower black and white images. Some interesting types of buildings to photograph are old stone buildings, medieval buildings and modern buildings often have interesting architecture. Composition rules work well for capturing old buildings, such as the rules of thirds and balance, although when capturing more modern structures, deviating from these rules works well.

Wide angle lenses are often used for capturing architecture, because they are often needed to fit everything into the photo with little room to capture it, and also they make the buildings appear much larger and sometimes warp the image if the lens is wide enough, and make the buildings look curved. If this isn’t required a zoom lens can be used which should make the buildings appear more flat.

Lighting should be considered when taking a photo. With architecture photography usually lighting up the building ourselves with a flash isn’t an option, although at night the buildings may light themselves up. The sun is relied upon to create the lighting, and a strong side and front lighting works well with architecture, creating long shadows that add interest to the photo and emphasising the textures.

Taking photos of buildings at night is also a great way to capture them, as a lot of building landmarks often have lights to light them up. To take photos of buildings at night, either a tripod is needed if taking a long exposure, or a high ISO which will reduce the shutter speed and allow you to hand hold the camera.


When taking black and white fine art architecture photography, the location you take the photo should be considered. For example, to capture some Eiffel tower black and white images you, finding higher ground to take the photo wouldn’t make much of a difference for your shot because of its height. There are plenty of places to capture the eiffel tower, and there are many great pictures in our library which you can browse.

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