Free Black and White Art Stock Photography

All black and white art stock images are 100% free to use under Creative Commons 0 for commercial and personal projects, no attribution is required.

Fine Art photography involves more creativity and artistic flare than the average photo. It should create an emotional response in the viewer and be suitable to hang on your wall. Art images often convey a message and theme like a painting, so this should be considered when planning the shot. Some examples of fine art photo subjects are sculptures, pencils and graffiti.

To improve your chances of capturing a good art image, you should practice visualizing what the image is going to turn out like, and by studying other peoples art photography in a gallery, online or in magazines. Practice searching the scene you’re trying to capture or studying pictures to decide what creates an emotional response in the picture, and what the meaning of the photo is. For example a photo of a ruined house with overgrown grass around it may cause feelings of nostalgia, loneliness or cause the viewer to remember their past.

Your fine art photography should also conform to composition rules, such as the rule of thirds and a balanced photo, although this isn’t always necessary. The rule of thirds involves splitting the image up with two horizontal and two vertical lines, and placing objects of interest along the lines or at the intersecting points. A balanced photo should have the subject split up evenly on each side of the image, and you will often do this automatically when composing a shot. Light can create a dramatic difference to you fine art photos and should be considered carefully. For landscapes this may be the sun, which is best captured in the morning or evening for more interesting light. Also you can use unnatural light for portraits or objects, such as a flash gun which can give a natural look if you have a diffuser and good equipment.

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