Black and White Business Photos

All black and white business photos are 100% free to use for commercial and personal projects and no attribution or royalties are required to the original photographer.

Black and white business photos covers a few different types of photography, such as taking portraits of people at work and objects. Taking business photos is usually done in a work place, often indoors, so a flash gun would be needed or high ISO settings, and so a camera capable of reaching high ISO settings with good results is a must.

For taking photos of workers in a workplace, you should make sure the subjects face is in focus, this can be done by half pressing the shutter button while pointing the camera at the subjects eyes. Wide apertures work well for photos of people, so try using a lower F number to blur the background and just focus on the subject. A portrait lens around 50mm or more works well for photos of people, because it avoids any unnatural warping of the person from using wider focal lengths, also a lens with image stabilization should be considered if the area you are photographing is dark. Indoors a flash gun may be used with a diffuser to create a soft light, because flash guns often create a harsh light without diffusers.

When taking photos of objects such as a calculator, computer or business documents you will often need a macro lens to enable you to get in close to the objects. A flash gun with diffuser may be used for this, but can create a dark area depending how long the lens is, and how high the flash gun is off the camera, so usually a separate flashgun off camera works well, and allows better position of the light source and camera.

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