Free Black and White Food Stock Photography

All black and white food stock photos are free to use for commercial and personal projects under Creative Commons 0 and no attribution or royalties are required to the photographer.

Black and white food photography doesn’t always need special equipment, photos can be taken on a DSLR or even a phone. But there are some good rules to follow when taking the photograph to get an attractive photo. A macro lens works well with food photography, and with some smaller foods is a must to focus on it. Also a good light source such as an off camera flash with diffuser is needed to light up the subject naturally. Don’t use in camera flash though, because this often creates a very harsh, ugly light that does the image no favours. If you don’t have a flash gun, you can use natural light from a window, or outside on a cloudy day the clouds act as a giant soft box. If shooting indoors you may need to use a higher ISO or tripod to capture the image without blur.

For composing your food shot, the rule of thirds works well. This involves splitting the image up into thirds with two horizontal and two vertical lines, then you place the food along one of the lines, or where the lines intersect. Also when composing you want to consider the angle at which you take the photo. A low angle may work well if the food is tall, such as a burger, while a top down view may work well for more flat foods like bread. Finally arrange the food into an interesting design, and make sure the parts of the image without food are clean.

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