Black and White Landscape Photo Gallery

Monoimages images hosts a black and white landscape photo gallery, all of which are 100% free to use under Creative Commons 0 for personal and commercial projects, and no attribution or royalties to the photographer are required.

Black and white landscape photography places an emphasis on lighting, mood and composition. The time of the day, can make a huge difference to the photo, such as during the morning or evening are the best times usually, because there are long shadows and more dramatic lighting. A cloudy, overcast day often gives flat lighting, and a boring image, so look for gaps in the clouds with light appearing through to light up your subject and give you a more interesting photo. The mood of the photo is created most of the time by the weather and lighting. On a misty, dark day this will create a different mood to a clear sky with the sun setting. When the sun is low in the sky this creates more shadows, and highlights the subject better creating a different atmosphere again.

To compose the shot, you should consider the rule of thirds and balance. The rule of thirds involves splitting the photo up with two horizontal and two vertical lines, and placing points of interest on the lines or on the intersecting points. This usually creates a pleasing photo to the eye, but is more of a suggestion than a rule, and is often not used at all. Also try balancing your landscape photo, so that there are equal parts of the subject on each side of the photo, and not all confined to one side.

Using appropriate camera equipment is a good idea, and generally a tripod, and wide angle or zoom lens are good choices to take with you, and an assortment of lenses to choose from. A tripod is useful so you don’t have to use higher ISO settings and lose image quality, because the subjects in landscapes are often static, and you can use longer exposures.

Take a look in our black and white landscape photo gallery and download all your favourite images to use as you wish.

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