Free Black and White Music Stock Photography

All black and white music stock photography is free to use for commercial and personal projects under Creative Commons 0, and no attribution or royalties are needed to the original photographer.

Black and white music photography often involves taking photos of musical instruments and musicians performing on stage, and so requires some knowledge in taking photos of objects and portraits. The best equipment for this varies depending on the specific situation.

If you are photographing at a music concert, it’s often a lot darker and if you’re not right next to the stage using a flash isn’t appropriate, also taking a flash gun into a music concert might not be practical and may distract other people if you’re constantly making the stage flash with bright light. So a camera capable of taking good photos at high ISO settings is needed to capture a blur free photo. Zoom lenses are a good idea if you’re a long way from the stage, to capture the performers, and a lens with image stabilization because you are heavily relying on your camera to not capture a blurred photo. A wide aperture should be used most of the time to increase your shutter speed also. Concerts often have interesting light shows, smoke machines and even fireworks, so watch out for these and be ready to capture them when they happen. Make sure to plan ahead and find out where you will be standing in the concert so you can plan the gear you’ll need accordingly.

If photographing musical instruments you will need different equipment to taking photos of musicians. A zoom, portrait or macro lens would work well, depending on how close you intend on getting to the subject. A flash gun and diffuser would also work well for lighting up the instruments without causing a harsh light from on camera flash.

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