Free Black and White Objects Stock Photography

All black and white stock photos of objects are 100% free to download and use for personal and commercial projects under Creative Commons 0 and no attribution or royalties to the photographer are required.

Photographing objects in black and white can be done with any objects you may find around the house, at work or outside, such as a mug, coins or a ball. A good thing to invest in for photos of objects is a white poster for the background, alternatively you could use white paper and edit the photo slightly to make it not so obvious you’re using a backdrop. When using a white backdrop you should point some kind of light at it to overexpose it, so it’s not obvious you’re using a backdrop. You could use a flash gun with diffuser or an external light that casts a clear white light, preferably not a cheap torch, depending on the effect you want to achieve. Shooting the image outside is also an option, and can give great results, or else try setting up your object near a window. Avoid using ugly backgrounds for your objects, such as placing them on a carpet, unless this is your desired choice. Try setting the white balance manually for best results, you can test this by trying out the different settings with your white background, and finding one which makes the background a clean white.

Depending how small the object you want to photograph is you may need a macro lens to capture the finer details, but a zoom lens should work pretty well for most bigger objects.

Using a tripod is advised to avoid any camera shake, as the object probably isn’t moving there’s no need to use a high ISO and lose out on image quality.

Try using macro mode to get the best shot possible, or fully manual mode if you know what you’re doing.

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