Free Black and White People Stock Photography

All black and white stock photos of people are 100% free to use for commercial and personal projects, and no attribution or royalties are required to the original photographer.

Black and white photography of people and portraits are a very popular type of photography which almost every photographer does at some point. You’ll need some basic equipment to get started, although its not compulsory. Some good bits of kit to get are a portrait lens somewhere around 50-80mm and a flash gun with diffuser. The portrait lens will avoid warping the photo like a wide angle does, and a telephoto wouldn’t be suitable for photos in close quarters and may make the subject look flat. The flash is useful for indoors and outdoors if the subjects face needs lighting up and the diffuser will help create a less harsh, softer light. If you don’t have a flash, trying taking the photo outside on a cloudy day, because the clouds will act like a giant diffuser, and give just as good results as a flash gun with diffuser.

Try different things with your model, such as asking them to make eye contact with the camera, or looking into the distance to the side. Also getting your subject to smile isn’t necessary in most types of portraits unless this is the emotion your trying to display to the viewer. The emotion the person in your image is displaying will help create the mood of the photo, so try playing around with this. Also the person doesn’t always have to pose, you could ask them to just to carry on as if you’re not there, or don’t tell them when you’re going to take the picture and capture them while they’re not expecting it.

Props can add a lot of interest to the photo, and are almost always used in portrait shots of people, for example you could get them to hold an umbrella, or wear a hat.

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