Free Black and White Urban Stock Photography

All black and white urban stock photography is 100% free to download for personal and commercial projects and no attribution or royalties to the photographer are required.

Black and white urban photography may involve taking photos of buildings in a city, people or anything you may find in a town or city. A good choice of lens for this type of photography would be a portrait lens or a wide angle lens. A wide angle lens will make the subjects in your images appear more dominating and bigger, and is commonly used for pictures of buildings where the photographer wants the building to look tall and can make the building appear as though it curves. Wide angle lenses are also good because there’s often not enough room to stand back and zoom into your subject from a distance.

If taking photos of people in an urban environment, a portrait lens will work well, and also you may want to bring along a flash gun with diffuser to get a softer image.

Urban environments are a good place to do some night photography, because they are often lit up, and there may be some big buildings, architecture or sculptures to photograph that look even better at night. For taking photos at night you will need a camera that is capable of going to a high ISO without losing too much image quality, so you can use a higher shutter speed and hand hold your camera without the photo blurring. An alternative to this could be using a tripod if the subjects aren’t moving and you want to capture a freeze frame, even if you want to add some blur the photo, it is best not to add it with camera shake, as this will blur the whole photo, instead use a tripod and capture a long exposure of the moving subjects.

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