Moment Smartphone Lens Review – UPDATED 2019 – Turn Your Phone Into A DSLR

Smartphone cameras are getting better and better with every new release. They have become the most popular cameras of the time. They are feature-rich, small and continuously improving in quality. The only trouble with the smartphone camera is the availability of just one focal length. However, it is possible to get creative and enjoy the fun of smartphone photography using different lenses to capture various perspectives. Smartphone lenses can enhance the functionality further. A large number of companies manufacture smartphone lenses and one of the most popular of them is Moment which specializes at offering premium choices. It is a Seattle-based brand that offers four lenses to take your smartphone photography experience to the next level.

In this post, we review the Moment Smartphone Lens in detail and see how it can enhance your smartphone camera.

Moment Smartphone Lens Review – UPDATED 2019

Moment is a company that started in 2014 as a Kickstarter fund and has grown since then into a renowned smartphone lens manufacturer. Recently, Moment has introduced newer versions of their four lenses – Fisheye (Superfish), Wide, Macro and Tele Portrait. This update also includes an improved attachment interface with larger diameter of lenses to provide more secure attachment to phone cases.
Prices of these lenses range from $90 to $100 and you will need to buy the Moment smartphone case for attachment of the lens.

Build Quality

Each of the four lenses differs in appearance and can be easily identified at a look. They are made out of glass and metal with a durable finish. The material used is not cheap; they are constructed using aerospace grade metal and cinema-quality glass. They also feature rubber lens caps to protect the front element. Such a design is created to deliver a clear, high contrast, edge to edge, no disturbance result. They have a sleek, beautiful look with some heft that makes them appear like precious jewels. Each of them comes with a microfiber bag for storage.

Attaching to Smartphone

The lenses attach to your phone with a thin, stainless steel mounting plate that adheres to the surface. It uses a temporary adhesive. They can be mounted to the Moment case with a twist and lock system to secure firmly. It is easy to do and does not require any additional tools. Once they get locked in place, the lenses attach firmly to the phone case and would not accidentally fall off easily.

Using the Lens

Moment lenses can be used with any smartphone app and you can also download the Moment app for a better experience. This app gives you various options including selection of exposure and focus points separately, adding grid lines, manual focus, shooting in uncompressed TIF and many more. This app can prove to be really useful when using manual focus with Macro lens.
The metal plate of the lens is made to work with a smartphone case. But it is recommended to check out before buying whether your case is compatible.

Macro Lens

One of the most favorable lenses for anybody, Macro caters the feeling anybody has when starting to use smartphone photography. This lens comes with a diffuser hood which helps soften the light when you are shooting. The lens delivers great color, excellent sharpness and stunning photos which might not look like coming from smartphone. One problem with this lens is that you need to get really close to the object and the hood limits how close you can get. However, Macro is the most compact and flattest lens and offers 10x magnification. The hood can be removed when not convenient.

Wide Lens

Equivalent to 18mm, Moment Wide Lens is almost two times wider than the standard lens and is excellent for landscape photography, particularly. It is a significantly large lens with a curved design. The resulting images are sharp, clear and dynamic with great colors and no distortion or blurring on the edges.

Superfish Lens

This Moment lens is a 170-degree fisheye lens that offers the widest view-out field among all the four lenses. It features a compact, flat front-facing design. The image it produces has a fisheye appearance.

Tele Portrait Lens

The 60mm Moment lens offers about twice the focal length of smartphone cameras. The best thing about this lens is that you get a telephoto effect without the need to use the digital zoom feature of the smartphone camera that can degrade the image quality. This lens poses some trouble focusing, particularly in low-light conditions and is somewhat softer at the edges.

-The lenses are smaller compared to the DSLR and are easier to carry around
-The Wide and Macro lenses deliver impressive contrast and sharpness
-Lenses are made of very high-quality glass
-Between these four choices and the standard, you get a lot of variety to choose from

-It may not be easy to mount on all the cases and may need getting the special case
-Price is reasonable considering the build quality but can be higher for those who want to experiment


Moment lens are fun and easy to use. If you are really serious about smartphone photography, they are worth giving a try. However, if you are just experimenting, it is a good idea to invest in one of these initially as they are not cheap. Macro lens is the most impressive and fun choice. This lens is capable of delivering a unique perspective of almost anything and can bring a lot of entertainment for any age of user. You can also try Superfish as it offers many different, exciting ways to capture your surroundings.

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