Real Estate Photography Leads – 5 AMAZING Marketing Tips

Real Estate Photography is more a business and less photography. Breaking into the field of real estate requires business skills and awareness. It is a fun and fulfilling experience. By helping realtors showcase new listings, you become a part of the process of helping people find their dream homes.
With the growth of real estate business, real estate photography is gaining importance as a vital part of the business. Generating leads and working to retain the clients need some great marketing ideas. In this article, we outline some of the most effective real estate photography marketing ideas.

1. Social Media

Photographers who succeed in real estate field often promote their business across social media platforms. The first requirement for any photographer is to have a great website where you can create your brand and showcase your work. A portfolio and blog on the website can be center of your social media.

An active presence on different social media sites lets you drive traffic to your website where they can find more information about you and your photography. Post high-quality photos on social media platforms to catch attention. Another amazing way to market your business is paid ads. But this requires a study of audience and a well-designed marketing campaign for targeted audience. Another approach to using social media for your brand promotion is creating something viral.

2. Email Marketing

Design a targeted email marketing campaign and consider reaching clients directly. You can collect emails from the brochures you receive in your mailboxes. Consider collecting contacts from real estate websites. Start with a few personalized emails. Rather than sending faceless junk, create an email that looks like you are sending directly to the recipient.

Use the name of the agent, mention a listing that they could have done better with higher-quality photos and tell them you are local to their area. When you collect emails from websites, identify the agents who don’t have great images and those where your photos could be better.

If you are struggling to fill your portfolio, you can consider offering a free first photo shoot. This first shoot free idea is not the same as working for them for exposure. This photo shoot only gets your work in front of your potential customers.

3. Local Directories

As a photographer, your clients are mostly those located in your nearby areas. Hence, marketing your business locally is quite beneficial. You need a lot of citations or local directory listings. Lookup for such directories and join them. Your prospects are likely to go to good directories to find a photographer.
Go to such directories and study the competition. You can also try the paid membership for few months to see how it works. Each of the local directories has its own set of ranking rules and it is necessary to adjust your profile to remain on the top. While some of these sites favor good reviews, others might rank on the basis of portfolio. Some of them may be paying attention to what you did not include in your profile and this can affect your marketing efforts. Read the terms and conditions and FAQ section. You can also contact the support to make sure you do everything you can to be on the top of directory listings.

4. SEO

SEO for real estate photography is no different from other businesses. Search Engine Optimization is the way to please Google and other search engines to rank higher on their search results. It is important because it can quickly become a source of loads of links without having to do much. The problem is that SEO is not so easy to master. It can take a long time to create an SEO-friendly website which ranks for the most searched keywords.

The first step is to optimize your photography website and can be done within days or weeks using professional service. The most difficult thing is the second step- linkbuilding. Spammy backlinks from shady websites can’t help you rank higher. You need genuine links from reputable sites and some great content. You can use local citations to add your listing.

Houzz, Google Business and Yelp are some of the examples of local directories. You can also send your content to public sites and get some backlinks with resharing. You can also track people using your photos on photography sites and then ask them to credit you. Linkbuilding can also be given in the hands of professionals for some quick and effective results.

5. Presentations

This is an opportunity to get real estate business owners to the crossroads where they can compare quality real estate photographs with inferior ones. Invite some real estate agents for a lunch in a local office and use the opportunity to give a presentation or show printed examples of your professional real estate photos compared to other images with bad lighting and no post-processing.

It is really important for your clients to see the difference themselves. Do not be judgemental or critical of their listings. Let them reach conclusions. Keep your presentation casual and interact with them about typical listing. Ask them what they expect from a photographer. Try to put your feet in their shoes. Get into the details of their business because the better you understand their workflow, the better you can customize your photography services to their requirements.

We hope these real estate photography marketing ideas work for you to generate leads. Apart from these, word of mouth, physical networking and flyers are also good ways to market your business. But, remember that the quality of your real estate photos is the primary factor and it should stand out and speak for itself. That is how the word of mouth spreads from one agent to another and contributes to your business growth.

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